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Roof Cleaning

The roof is one of the most important features of your home. Besides looking great and keeping you safe from the elements, a properly maintained, cleaner roof will last a lifetime. At A Plus Pressure Washing, we understand that a clean roof is longer lasting roof. That's why we provide Midlothian homes with a complete line of roof cleaning services, including softwash roof cleaning and low pressure wash roof cleaning.

At Your Service

Our team of roof cleaning experts will come to your home and remove moss, algae, bird detritus and any other unwanted substances. We'll also thoroughly clean your roof with a gentle, low-pressure wash, making your old roof look good as new without damaging it.

A Plus Pressure Washing is fully licensed, insured and up to the task. Big or small, we'll always assure that your roof shines. To schedule a roof cleaning, call A Plus Pressure Washing today!